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The desert oasis San Pedro de Atacama (SPDA) is located in Chile to 2500 meters on the edge of the Salar in a wonderful and unique landscape with a sensitive ecosystem. A landmark of this city is the nearby located, inactive volcano “Licancabur” that towers 5920 meters into the sky and belongs to the holy mountains of the Inkas.

Initial Position

In SPDA, the sun shines almost 360 days a year with a strong wind blowing most of the time. Though having convenient pre-conditions, this fantastic landscape suffers from a ecological imbalance: Gas and diesel are burned to generate electrical power, whereas alternative energy sources are largely unknown and recycling systems are non-existent.

Realization of the Sanpedro360 Idea

With the three Atacama Prima Projects „Pilot Project Energy Supply”, “Residential Modules” and “PET Recycling”
the idea of Sanpedro360 is realized in a exemplary way, because...

an efficient use of local conditions (360 days of sunshine, unexploited resource of PET)
in conjunction with the idea of global responsibility (participation amongst others of the Büchting + Streit AG from Germany and Martin Rihs, a Swiss-born long-standing inhabitant of SPDA)
and in conjunction with the creation of sustainable structures (e.g. using an universally reproductionable construction of the photovoltaic plant and involving the indigenous community members in SPDA through an intensive communication)
is contributing to an healthy development for human beings an nature.

You consider this approach promising?

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Sanpedro360 versteht sich als kontinent- und kulturübergreifendes Dach für aktuelle und zukünftige Projekte, die