Residential Modules

Situation: Gas and diesel are burned to generate electrical power. Alternative energy sources are largely unknown whereas the sun shines almost 360 days a year with a strong wind blowing most of the time.

Idea: A self-sufficient and robust energy supply is supposed to be established using alternative energy source.

Goals and course of the Residential Modules Project

1. Installation of 2 Residential Modules for demonstration: Using the empirical values of the Pilot Project Energy Supply, two energy-self-sufficient residential modules are supposed to be installed as demonstration models and operated under daily conditions.

2. Involvement of the local population from the beginning: An impulse for a sustainable conversion of the energy supply towards the use of solar energy (that is present in abundance) is supposed to be given by communicating intensively with the local population (e.g. demonstrating the residential modules on-site).

3. Use of the potential to tenants: Being in an economic upturn (the largest radio telescope facility in the world is being constructed nearby San Pedro de Atacama at the moment), SPDA has a great potential to tenants (e.g. scientists), that is supposed to be used for the Module Project.

4. Increase in the number of residential modules: With the project of the two residential modules running, sponsors are supposed to be acquired in Europe according to the approach of global responsibility to increase in the number of those residential modules.

5. Help people to help themselves: Finally, the domestic population is supposed to be provided with the well approved and universally reproductionable alternative energy sources, in order that the people get – according to the approach of sustainable structures – the opportunity to achieve energy autonomy by acting self dependent.

Implementation / Progress: The first demonstration module has been completed.