Involved Persons

vorname name platzhalter

Martin Rihs

Source of ideas, landowner, builder and operator of the pilot solar plant, user of the energy generated by the pilot solar plant

The Swiss-born has been living in SPDA for over 25 years. He works independently in the tourism industry and frequently guides tours to the holy mountains of the Incas > He notices the tremendous waste of energy and he also suffers generally from the growing environmental problems in the Altiplano in Chile, Argentina and rapidly growing in Bolivia. Due to the local living conditions his options for a financial commitement are limited. In addition to the maintenance of the pilot plant, the on-site collection of data respectively the data transmission (with the support of Thomas Junker), he is responsible for the spreading of the project idea and the project results within his direct living environment.


Büchting+Streit AG

Material sponsor of the pilot solar plant, until the departure of Dr.-Ing. Walter Streit at the end of 2016 operator of the website ( and of the FTP server (data reception, processing and delivery to the website)


Walter Streit

Source of ideas, sponsor of the pilot solar plant (together with Harald Busch), land purchaser and sponsor of the residential modules construction project, photographer

The civil engineer and former chairman of the board of the Büchting + Streit AG has been active in environmental protection for 20 years, including as a board member of the WWF. He also is involved in volunteer activities in various working groups for climate protection and is therefore appalled by the waste of energy in the region of Atacama, which has been fascinating him for a long time due to its beauty. The corporate identitiy of the Büchting + Streit AG that allways considers sustainability is significant energized by that multifaceted commitement of Walter Streit. In addition to his above-mentioned efforts for the Sanpedro360 approach, he is the one who connects people wanting to get involved with people needing help to help themselves. Finally it should be mentioned, that the photos from the Atacama region on this website are taken from the portfolio of Walter Streit.

vorname name platzhalter

Thomas Junker

Catalyzer of the project, expert for measurement instrumentation with engineering office for Embedded Systems, k-technik >

Thomas Junker has assembled the pilot solar plant on-site together with Martin Rihs. In addition, he is responsible for the data collection, data transmission and data processing in cooperation with Andreas Jähring from Büchting + Streit.

vorname name platzhalter

Daniel Urban

Developer and designer of the website

(conceptional design of graphics and content and implementation including the development of the logos and symbols as well as the entire concept / structure of Sanpedro360)


Alpine Bakery

Operator of the website, the organic bakery > is run by the two owners Silvia + Walter Streit as a social enterprise.


Dr. Baumgärtner GmbH - IT Service

Operator of the FTP server (data reception, processing and delivery to the website)