Pilot Project Energy Supply

Situation: Gas and diesel are burned to generate electrical power. Alternative energy sources are largely unknown whereas the sun shines almost 360 days a year with a strong wind blowing most of the time

Idea: A self-sufficient and robust energy supply is supposed to be established using alternative energy sources..

Goal of the Energy Supply Pilot Project: The Pilot Plants (Photovoltaic and solar Thermal as a first step), that are universally reproductionable according to the sustainability approach, are supposed to be tested on-site in SPDA on their practical suitability providing empirical values for the Residential Modules Project.

Implementation / Progress: In 2011, a Pilot Photovoltaic Plant was completed on the estate of the Swiss Martin Rihs who has been living in SPDA for over 20 years. This System is already in operation. The system data is being recorded an evaluated. The generated energy is being used by Martin Rihs and his family with the spill-over being stored in rechargeable batteries.