Professor Töpfer showcased Sanpedro360

During the festivity of the 50th company anniversary of the engineering office Büchting + Streit, former federal minister Professor Töpfer presented the project of Sanpedro360.

Being a capacity as long-standing director of the UN environmental protection program UNEP and as founding director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, he succeeded – holding an agile speech with witty incidental remarks and numerous quotes and examples – in exposing insistently the principle of responsibility for the medium and long term impacts caused by human actions. In this context, Professor Töpfer particulary underlined those activities of the Büchting + Streit company that are aimed at the preservation of the environment and at a sustainable development of the infrastructure. One of the latest engagements of Büchting + Streit is the Sanpedro360 project.

Speaker Professor Klaus Töpfer (on the right side)
with the chairman of the board of the Büchting + Streit AG
Dr. Walter Streit during the Sanpedro360 presentation

Professor Klaus Töpfer during his speech